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Allen & Bradley

Minimalist Money Clip Version 2.0

Minimalist Money Clip Version 2.0

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This is a minimalist money clip version 2.0 made from Ortencia and Tobacco Pueblo leather. White stitching and perfectly done edges, room for 15 bills, 8 credit cards plus I.D. and medical card.

About the leather:
The Pueblo leather from Badalassi Tannery in Italia is a premium leather that is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and natural beauty. This leather is made from carefully selected hides and treated with natural oils and waxes to enhance its durability, softness, and appearance.

One of the defining features of the Pueblo leather is its natural beauty. The leather is finished with a smooth, polished surface that showcases its natural grain patterns and markings, giving it a warm and organic look. The leather is also treated with natural oils and waxes to enhance its softness and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for products that require comfort and ease of use, such as jackets, gloves, and handbags.

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